Attractions In and Around Potwin

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1917 Community House & Park
Miller & Violet Street – This building, intended for an entertainment facility, also has been a church, jail, library, and city hall. The city received a grant in the late 1990’s that allowed the building to be restored and updated to modern standards.
Haw Ranch Feedlot Tours
7800 NW Tawakoni Rd (West of Potwin on Hwy 196). Custom feeding operation for 12,000 to 15,000 head of cattle. Tours by appointment (620)752-3359
1904 Old Limestone Building
126 N Randall – Rock building served as Potwin’s first bank. It still has the restroom in the vault. The building now serves at the Potwin Public Library. 1915 Vickers First Refinery
Anita & Kellogg Street – Shut down in 1964 except for crude oil gathering which is still in operation
Sink Hole
1½ miles west of Potwin on Hwy 196. This hole, which appeared in 1937, is 58’ deep and 15’ to water, 250’long by 200’ wide. Call ahead for guide (620)752-3359

1.Potwin Community House
2.Haw Ranch
3.Potwin Public Library
4.Vickers Refinery
5.Sink Hole — Sept. 23, 1937

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